District Of Muskoka Launches Community Engagement Website Along With Customer Service Survey

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

The District of Muskoka has launched a new community engagement platform called EngageMuskoka.ca, which is home to the district’s first ever corporate-wide customer service survey.

The survey is open to seasonal and year-round residents until July 17. Customer service refers to any and all district programs and services that residents want to request, register for, pay for, apply for or get information about. Michael Duben, chief administrative officer for the District of Muskoka, said the end goal is to create a customer service strategy that includes innovative approaches and can adapt to the needs of the community. The strategy will aim to “incorporate best practices, leverage technology and maximize municipal resources,” according to the district. The community engagement website gives Muskoka residents the chance to provide feedback on current projects, participate in polls and surveys, and learn about upcoming in-person public engagement events. Locals can also read feedback the district received from the participants of previous projects, check the progress of ongoing projects and discover what final decisions were made on projects that included public involvement.

“The District of Muskoka is committed to providing a high standard of service while serving our customers in all aspects of our business,” Duben said. “ We know that residents, visitors and businesses need to access consistent, reliable, efficient and effective information. This survey focuses on asking them where, when and how they want to get that information.”

Duben said it can be challenging it reach both season and year-round residents, and it’s important to the district that everyone’s voice is heard. The new engagement website does not compete with face-to-face interactions and does not replace the district’s primary website. It’s meant to work alongside other forms of engagement by providing an accessible way for residents to get involved on a project-specific basis at any time.

“We have found a resource that will give members of the community a convenient and consistent platform to participate in the conversation,” said Muskoka District Chair John Klinck. “We want to empower our residents to be active participants in shaping projects and initiatives that will impact the future of Muskoka.”

Visit EngageMuskoka.ca to register and take the customer service survey, or join the conversations on current projects, such as the revitalization of King William Street and Main Street in Downtown Huntsville.


  1. My question is! In reading the draft budget for the District, do we really need a climate change manager! That is in the draft budget if I read it correctly! $120,000! What the heck is going on here! We have politicized the climate so much it is unreal! We have climate change variations every year! Last year hot, this year cool, that’s mother Nature. Read the farmers almanac! We have been warming for 100000 years if we didn’t we would still be in the ice age! Just another inept decision by these people in government! Oh ya and our taxes are going up!


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