COVID-19 Vaccine Reaches The Manor At Gravenhurst Team


On December 30th, Kim Middleton became the first healthcare worker from the Gravenhurst Manor team to be receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Kim Middleton, a 5 year frontline worker of the Manor, was a little nervous on the morning of her appointment to receive the vaccine, as she personally didn’t know anyone who had received it. Kim shared “After working in a retirement residence and watching what was going on in the world, I was resolved in my decision to go ahead with the vaccine. I wanted to protect my workplace, my loved ones and myself. I have personally witnessed how the pandemic has made people feel and my hope is that with the various vaccines that are available, all of this will start to be behind us later this year.” When asked about her experience after being vaccinated, Kim said she was feeling good and has not experienced any side effects.

Stephanie Bolger, Executive Director of the Manor, was excited to be contacted about the vaccines becoming available for her team and residents. “I’m not totally relieved, but I am full of hope. Plans are in the works for the vaccine to be made available for our residents. The vaccine is now available to our entire team, we have had many team members vaccinated over the past week and we feel lucky to be paving the way for our community.”

“The Manor has always been a community hub for people of all ages. We miss running our in person international programming and co-op student placements. We have always supported other seniors in the community and have welcomed them into the Manor to join our life enrichment programming and meals. We always had friends, family, and community members join our weekly social events. We miss that so very much. With the necessary restrictions, we have not been able to be that community hub to all ages, and I am looking forward to the day we can open our doors back up and continue to serve, not only our residents, but also others in the community.”



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