Consumer Alert: Resident Advises Caution When Purchasing Satellite Internet Services


I am hoping to alert the citizens of Muskoka that they should either avoid or be very careful in purchasing satellite internet services until such time as the provider can consistently demonstrate the advertised quality of service.  We live in the rural area outside urban boundaries.  A DSL phone line provided marginal service with slow speeds in the evening not enabling streaming such as Netflix or sports.  Fibre is not yet available in our area and there is no known ETA.
A well known provider of satellite internet service across Canada which advertises regularly in Muskoka advised us that a new satellite had been launched early this summer that would provide the speed we needed.  We purchased a service package for up to 10 mbps with sufficient data for our needs.  At first the service was great but as new customers have been added the service now limps in the evenings to a speed less than 1 mbps – thus providing limited, disjointed streaming or none at all.  We have been advised, there is no projected improvement until at least 2018 sometime.
The installing dealer in Central Ontario has told us the service has been oversold and has now suggested that we investigate a TV tower so a tower signal can be received – this after spending considerable dollars on a dish and pole installation plus the modem for satellite service, all at the recommendation of the same dealer.  The dealer has also now told me that he “couldn’t care less if the kids can’t watch Netflix”.  This statement triggers so many reactions!
We are no kids and don’t have any children at home any longer.  But streaming services are the way many people wish to view their TV entertainment.  In fact, the dealer relies upon that to sell his services.  The above statement perhaps should be a footnote on their promotional package!
If you can assist in making Muskoka residents aware of the situation it would be greatly appreciated.  We don’t want to see others spend their resources on a product that over promises and that so significantly under delivers. You will be disappointed!
This situation underscores the importance of extending reliable, fibre internet service throughout Muskoka as soon as possible.  Bravo to Lakeland Networks and others.

Jim Green


  1. I believe we have the same Internet provider and at this point have not had an issue with the new satelitte. Having said that we knew that “up to” 10 Mbps was not going to allow us to rely entirely on Internet for our TV entertainment. Our son has been able to stream Netflix but that means others can’t be on the Internet. It is the reality of living in a rural area! It is the only Internet we can get to work here so it’s better then nothing. What is frustrating is Internet companies that constantly have their hands out to different levels of government for money to provide high speed I nternet to rural areas, when in fact, people such as ourselves have no hope of ever getting their service (unless you live on a major road and then you might have hope).

  2. Cancel contract on basis of “failure to deliver”. Which provider are you with? This would be helpful. It’s a real shame. We get 80mbps. Sometimes we find that lags. You may as well be on dialup.


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