Conditions At Parry Sound Hotel Drive Away Resident

Photo courtesy of Jeff Sebs

A resident is reporting that a Parry Sound hotel provided such bad conditions that he and his business colleagues had to abandon their reservations and sleep elsewhere — with no refund or word from the hotel’s management in almost three weeks.

Jeff Sebs booked a few rooms at the Knights Inn in Parry Sound for some colleagues coming to town, but when they saw the state of the rooms, they decided they had to leave. Sebs requested a full refund due to the condition of the hotel, but despite calling and texting the owner on Nov. 6, he hasn’t heard back.

After two weeks with no communication from the hotel management or staff, Sebs took to Facebook on Nov. 22, sharing images of a tattered lamp, a cracked shower wall and grime on the trim. Many online reviews complain of similar issues, as well as dirty carpets, mold and other problems.

The Knights Inn Parry Sound declined to comment.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Sebs
Photo courtesy of Jeff Sebs



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