Clement Says Trudeau Fails Again With Carbon Tax Grab To Cover For His Reckless Spending


Justin Trudeau announced this week that he will be forcing residents of Parry Sound-Muskoka to pay his carbon tax, forcing costs to go up on heating homes, feeding families, running businesses and filling gas tanks, said Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement.

“While Justin Trudeau allows large polluters off the hook with exemptions, low income earners and fixed income seniors are left to pick up the cost. The measly rebates being promised won’t cover the added costs to Canadians, which will only increase with the passing years,” said Clement. “Justin Trudeau should have also considered how future interest rate hikes would impact families before he raised taxes on gasoline and home heating; Canadians’ savings accounts; and payroll taxes for businesses.”

Unless large and developing countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, global emissions will not decrease. Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax will not save the environment, it will only hurt Canada’s economy and Canadian families, said Clement.

“Canadians have known all along that Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax was a tax plan dressed up as an emissions plan. But now we know it’s also an election gimmick which favours big polluters while sticking hard-working Parry Sounders and Muskokans with the tab. The Prime Minister continues to withhold documents that would show the true cost of his carbon tax but Canadians are supposed to believe his rebates will cover it all. It`s a shell game meant to fill Liberal coffers, plain and simple,” said Clement.


  1. What exactly is the conservative plan to address the issue? Until I hear a better plan I will go with the leadership we have. There has been none forthcoming from Mr. Clement, just cheap shots that don’t address the problem.


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