Clement Says Liberal Tax Grab On Beer Punishing Craft Brewers And Consumers


The Trudeau Liberals are set to increase the cost of beer just in time for summer, and Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement is supporting brewers who will see their small businesses impacted and consumers who will pay more.

“Because of the reckless spending on Prime Minister’s Trudeau’s pet projects, the deficit has gone out of control and now the Liberals need money to pay for it all, so they turn to small business breweries and beer drinkers to pick up his tab,” said MP Clement. “Craft breweries are an important part of Parry Sound-Muskoka’s economy, and this tax grab will not help these entrepreneurs create jobs and grow.”

The Liberal government is set to increase the tax on local and imported beer by about 2 per cent starting this April, just as Canadians shed their winter coats and look forward to backyard barbecues and summer holidays.

And a one-time take grab is not enough, as the Liberals have decided to compound the tax hike every year in line with inflation.


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