Change In Weather Has Town Of Gravenhurst Focusing On Ice Build Up

Photo Credit: Town of Gravenhurst

The Town of Gravenhurst winter operations team is working hard to ensure Gravenhurst roads are safe. To address rutting and ice build-up as witnessed on our roads of late, the Town has focused its efforts on ice-blading operations, which grade the road to a smooth (or smoother) profile by scraping off, peeling up the ice build-up on the roads. It is intended to improve winter ride quality and improve road surface friction. Although ice blading has occurred throughout the winter season, crews will be conducting these operations throughout the next 24-hours. As temperatures warrant, ice blading will continue over the weekend. The Town says the goal is to complete the urban area, as well as some selected roads in the rural area.
Additionally, side walk machines and plows have been continually sanding Town and rural routes since 5:00 a.m. and addressing blocked culverts.  Should you have specific inquiries or issues please visit (Report It) on the Town website, call Public Works Directly at 705-687-3412 or contact the Town Public Works after-hours at 705-645-4433.


  1. most of the plow drivers are kids with no experience just family or friends that work for the town, they need to hire real plow drivers who know how to plow. They keep saying they maintain roads to mto standards and if thats the case they should be a lot better, lower the blade and if manholes are an issue fix that in the spring or summer.bottom line is kids should be in parks, not roads dept!, If i was a tourist with the shape of the roads i would not be back and anyone who sustains vehicle damage due to roads go after the town, If it costs them then they will fix them.

  2. i have never in my 60 yrs lived In a WORSE twsp for road maintenance in the winter…the ruts and ice build up is completely uncalled for…on thaw days plows should also be out scraping off the slush to prevent these HUGE damaging ruts that pull you all over the road and at times dangerously into the other lane..more trucks need to be out sanding not just a trickle here and there .I live a number of kilometers from another twsp and I can tell you you can see when you meet the next twsp , its as different as night and day ruts and ice to pavement..from driving 30 kms to the posted 80 come on they both have snow plows and sanders and graders why the huge difference get with it gravenhurst twsp and make our roads in the winter safe to drive on ..


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