Canadian Pet Owners Share Their Tips On Gifting Pets For The Holidays


Canadian pet owners are looking forward to spending the holidays with their pets. According to a recent US study conducted by PetSafe® Brand, global leader in pet product solutions, 97% of surveyed pet parents include their pets in their holiday traditions and 96% have purchased holiday gifts for them. To help get us in the holiday spirit, PetSafe® Brand Canada asked pet owners to share their best tips on buying the perfect last-minute gifts for their pets.

Sonya Davidson (Toronto, ON), writer for the Toronto Guardian, says the best gifts her little corgi has received are mentally stimulating treat toys, like the Busy Buddy™ Kibble Nibble™. Often recommended by dog behaviourists, interactive dog toys help keep your dog busy, stave off boredom, and stimulate their natural curiosity. “We take part of his daily feed, include it into this ball and Harley loves wobbling it around trying to get the kibble out. His determination and focus on the task are so incredible to watch and he looks so happy and satisfied after playing with this toy”.

Alicia Bell (Toronto, ON), a fitness trainer, is a strong believer that staying active is as important for pets as it is for humans to enjoy a good quality of life. She is also is a fan of the treat dispensing toys. Her dogs are tough chewers and love spending hours with their treat toys. Innovative toys like the PetSafe® Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys provide fun puzzles for dogs to stay active during the day.

For shy pets, a comfortable bed is a great gift to ensure they get their 12-14 hours of sleep. Add a “From Santa” tag to make them more festive. “Their gifts are always from Santa,” says Nick Matheson, a business owner from Halifax, NS. Pet stairs are also a great alternative for elderly pets looking to reach their owners’ bed for snuggle sessions.

For pet owners who like taking their pets on road trips, equipping vehicles with a comfortable seat cover or booster seat, and a ramp make for the perfect gift!

Other respondents from across the country noted connected feeders and self-cleaning litter boxes as favourite gifts for under the tree.

PetSafe® Canada has released a list of their most favourite gifts for pets just in time for the holiday season. The lineup features two new pet fountains, the Streamside Ceramic Pet Fountain and the Seaside Stainless Steel Pet Fountain, as well as the new Dancing Dot™ Laser Cat toy and the popular Automatic Ball Launcher, along with other must-haves.

SOURCE PetSafe® Brand Canada


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