Bracebridge OPP Motorized Snow Vehicle Patrol Recently Laid Eleven Charges


The Bracebridge OPP Motorized Snow Vehicle patrol have been actively patrolling the trails, lakes and roadways in our area.

A relentless commitment to community safety helps stave off the frigid chill of winter as OPP MSV officers endure the elements to help promote a safe environment for sledders of all ages. In an effort to maintain a strong community partnership with snowmobilers, the OPP actively patrols our trails, lakes and roadways to ensure a safe and responsible standard of operation.

OPP have been conducting random R.I.D.E. stops as well as mobile patrols throughout Muskoka. In addition to the prevention of Careless or Impaired operation, officers are ensuring compliance with; proper use of safety equipment, insurance and registration requirements and mechanical requirements. The following is a snapshot of last week’s patrols:

In addition to trail patrols, officers conducted 8 random R.I.D.E. checks throughout Muskoka. Police interacted with over 200 operators/passengers which resulted in 11 charges for various offences including; trespassing, helmets, alcohol and even fishing violations. One operator was served a 3-day drivers license suspension for registering an “Alert” on a roadside screening device.

Police remind snowmobilers that consuming or having “open” alcoholic beverages anywhere but a private residence, common area or licensed premise is a violation of the Liquor License Act and carries some steep fines. Your decisions on a snowmobile could affect your driver’s license, please save the alcohol for after the ride.

Ride safely, and see you on the trails!


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