Are you aware of all the child tax credits and benefits available?


There are many tax credits, benefits, and services available to help Canadian families.

The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, P.C., M.P., Minister of National Revenue, accompanied by Greg Fergus, M.P. for Hull–Aylmer, took advantage of Winterlude’s family activities in Gatineau on Family Day to remind families of the Government of Canada’s commitment to support the middle class with tax relief and benefit measures for families.

“Families across Canada share the same goal: wanting to give their children the best possible future. The Government of Canada is committed to helping families by giving them more money to help with the financial load they have to assume to raise their children. As we work toward implementing the Canada child benefit, an important first step is ensuring families know about the tax credits and benefits that are now available to them. I encourage parents to explore the CRA website for more information.” The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, P.C., M.P., Minister of National Revenue

The Government of Canada will introduce the Canada child benefit in July 2016, which will provide additional child benefits to Canadian families.

“Families are the pillars of our communities, and the Government of Canada is proud to support them through improved tax measures. We are delighted to lend a helping hand and assist families across Canada.” Greg Fergus, M.P., for Hull-Aylmer

Tax measures such as the Children’s arts amount, increases to the dollar limits for the child care expense deduction, and changes to the Children’s fitness tax credit also give families more money to provide for their needs.

The Minister also noted new, secure online services now available to help Canadians file their income tax and benefit return, including the new Auto-fill my return service offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This new secure service allows individuals to automatically fill in certain parts of their income tax and benefit return with information the CRA already has.

“Our Government is committed to ensuring that the Canada Revenue Agency serves Canadians by delivering client-focused services. With the launch of Auto-fill my return, the MyCRA mobile app, and the redesigned notice of assessment, Canadians have more resources to help them easily file their tax return and get their refund faster.” The Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, P.C., M.P., Minister of National Revenue

The CRA’s “Auto-fill my return” service is a secure service now available through some certified tax software. Information available through this service includes: T3, T4, and T5 slips, RRSP contributions, and carryover federal and provincial tuition, education, and textbook amounts.

  • The improved MyCRA mobile app now makes it easier for Canadians to securely view and change key tax information, such as their benefit payment information and Canada child tax benefit application status, anywhere, anytime.
  • The notice of assessment that taxpayers receive from the CRA when they file their income tax return has been completely redesigned so it is easier to understand and the most important information is easier to find.
  • Online mail is a fast, easy, and secure way for Canadians to manage their tax correspondence. Individuals who are signed up for My Account, the CRA’s secure online service, can receive their notice of assessment online, instead of in the mail. Faster and easier!



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