2019 Marks The Year Of 52 Beers “52 Pick-Up” At Sawdust City Brewing Company


A special feature article from Sawdust City Brewing.

At Sawdust City Brewing Company we’re nothing if not ambitious.

2019 marks the year of 52 beer releases, with a new release hitting shelves every week. Since opening the brewery doors in Gravenhurst, Sam Corbeil, brewmaster, and his brewing team, have envisioned the day when Sawdust City Brewing Company could bring this concept to life. Beginning in January 2019, almost five years after casting our first wort into the fermenters at our permanent home in Gravenhurst, ON, this dream has become a reality.

This 52-beers concept quickly became dubbed ‘52 Pick-Up,’ ‘cause who doesn’t love a good card game? The planning for next year’s release schedule is in full swing and we have a huge list of fan-faves, one-off brews, collaborations and fresh ideas we can’t wait to share. We can already divulge a few, including; Juicin’, Red Rocket, Chocolate Oak Imperial Stout, Twin Pines, The Princess Wears Girl Pants, Pobody’s Nerfect, Passionfruit Guava Coriolis, Hygge, the Adaptation series, ODB, a slew of limited edition barrel aged beers from our Winewood collection, one-offs from each member of our brew team and SO many more! Stay tuned to our website for more to come.

And since we’re committing to 52 beer releases (that’s not including our core beers), we went one step further and founded the Sawdust City “52 Pick-Up Beer Club.” With a limited number of memberships available, members are guaranteed every 2019 weekly release, plus exclusive bonus perks. Members can have 12 convenient monthly shipments mailed directly to their homes, or pick-up monthly at the brewery. This is a limited time offer with extremely limited availability. Check out the details.

We know this won’t be easy but it is  a labour of love and we couldn’t do it without the dedication of our whole team. These releases will be available for general purchase on premise, through our online store, and licensee channels, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.


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