20 QUESTIONS WITH…. Journalist/Cottager Kevin Newman!


Each week on 20 Questions With we feature a different Muskoka personality and this week is no different.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…. 20 QUESTIONS WITH… Journalist/Cottager Kevin Newman!

Name: Kevin Newman
Occupation: News Anchor
Social Media: KevinNewman CTV
Website: www.NewmanAllOut

1. My Muskoka hood: Lake of Bays
2. City or town outside of Muskoka:. Toronto
3. I take my coffee: One milk
4. Cottager or Resident?: Cottager
5. I’m social because: It’s a more casual communication
6. I have a Muskoka: Beer
7. Favourite Muskoka street: Main Street Huntsville
8. Most craved Muskoka ice cream flavour: Rum & Raisin
9. Favourite season: All of them
10. Favourite Muskoka festival: Dorset snowball
11. My go-to Muskoka restaurant: Portobello Wine Bar, Dwight
12. Canoe, Kayak or SUP?: Canoe
13. Favourite store in Muskoka: Fishbum Outfitters, Dwight
14. Strangest thing in Muskoka: Degree of silence
15. Best concert in Muskoka: In my ears
16. My ideal night out in Muskoka: Middle of the Lake at night
17. On my ipod you can find: Metal, Indie
18. I can’t go a day without: Coffee
19. City visitors must see: Starry on a moonlit night
20. I love Muskoka because: I’ts my family’s shared heritage



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